Accepted Papers

Long Papers

  • Learning to Rank Intents in Voice Assistants. Raviteja Anantha Ramesh, Srinivas Chappidi and William Dawoodi
  • Caption Generation of Robot Behaviors based on Unsupervised Learning of Action Segments. Koichiro Yoshino, Kohei Wakimoto, Yuta Nishimura and Satoshi Nakamura
  • Response generation to out-of-database questions for example-based dialogue systems. Sota Isonishi, Koji Inoue, Divesh Lala, Katsuya Takanashi and Tatsuya Kawahara
  • A Character Expression Model Affecting Spoken Dialogue Behaviors. Kenta Yamamoto, Koji Inoue, Shizuka Nakamura, Katsuya Takanashi and Tatsuya Kawahara
  • Culture-Aware Dialogue Management for Conversational Assistants. Juliana Miehle, Nicolas Wagner, Wolfgang Minker and Stefan Ultes
  • Packing, Stacking, and Tracking: An Empirical Study of Online User Adaptation. Jean-Sebastien Laperriere, Darryl Lam and Kotaro Funakoshi
  • Dialog State Tracking with Incorporation of Target Value in Attention Models. Takami Yoshida, Kenji Iwata, Yuka Kobayashi and Hiroshi Fujimura
  • Authoring Negotiation Content and Programming Simulated Patients. Volha Petukhova, Firuza Sharifullaeva and Dietrich Klakow
  • Deep AM-FM: Toolkit For Automatic Dialogue Evaluation. Chen Zhang, Luis Fernando D’haro, Rafael E. Banchs, Haizhou Li and Thomas Friedrichs
  • Delay Mitigation for Backchannel Prediction in Spoken Dialog System. Amalia Adiba, Takeshi Homma, Dario Bertero, Takashi Sumiyoshi and Kenji Nagamatsu
  • The Influence of Syntax on the Perception of In-Vehicle Prompts and Driving Performance. Daniela Stier, Ulrich Heid, Patricia Kittel, Maria Schmidt and Wolfgang Minker
  • Towards Similar User Utterance Augmentation for Out-of-Domain Detection. Andoni Azpeitia, Manex Serras, Laura García-Sardiña, Mikel D. Fernández-Bhogal and Arantza del Pozo
  • Towards Personalization of Spoken Dialogue System Communication Strategies. Carla Gordon, Kallirroi Georgila, Volodymyr Yanov and David Traum

Short, Demo and Position Papers

  • A Script Knowledge Based Dialogue System for Indoor Navigation. Juliana Miehle, Isabel Feustel, Wolfgang Minker and Stefan Ultes
  • Learning Grammar in Confined Worlds. Graham Spinks, Ruben Cartuyvels and Marie-Francine Moens
  • Towards a Humorous Chat-bot Companion for Senior Citizens. Ria Mundhra, Ting Jen Lim, Hong Ngan Duong, Kheng Hui Yeo and Andreea Niculescu
  • Data Collection Design for Dialogue System for Low-resource Languages. Zulipiye Yusupujiang and Jonathan Ginzburg
  • Nudges with a conversational agent or social robot: a first experiment with children at a primary school. Hugues Ali Mehenni, Sofiya Kobylyanskaya, Ioana Vasilescu and Laurence Devillers
  • MixOut : A Simple Yet Effective Data Augmentation Scheme for Slot-Filling. Mihir Kale and Aditya Siddhant
  • Exploring Boundaries among Interacting Robots and Humans. Kristiina Jokinen

E-HEALTH: Special Session on Dialogue systems for mental e-health

  • A Content and Knowledge Management System Supporting Emotion Detection from Speech. Binh Vu, Mikel Develasco, Raymond Bond, Robin Turkington, Frederick Booth, Maurice Mulvenna, Michael Fuchs, Matthias Hemmje and Paul Mc Kevitt
  • Analysis of prosodic features during stress test in patients with depression. Carmen Martínez Antón, Spyridon Kontaxis, Mar Posadas-de Miguel, Esther García, Sara Siddi, Jordi Aguiló, Josep Maria Haro, Concepción de la Cámara, Raquel Bailón and Alfonso Ortega
  • Co-creating requirements and assessing end-user acceptability of a voice-based chatbot to support mental health: A thematic analysis of a living lab workshop. Antonio Benítez-Guijarro, Raymond Bond, Frederick Booth, Zoraida Callejas, Edel Ennis, Anna Esposito, Matthias Kraus, Gavin McConvey, Michael McTear, Maurice Mulvenna, Courtney Potts, Louisa Pragst, Robin Turkington, Nicolas Wagner and Huiru Zheng
  • Development of a dialogue system that supports recovery for patients with schizophreni. Oshiyama Chiaki, Niwa Shin-Ichi, Kristiina Jokinen and Nishimura Takuichi

SLCTIL: Special Session on Speech Language and Conversation Technologies for Iberian Languages

  • On the Use of Phonotactic Vector Representations with FastText for Language Identification. David Romero and Christian Salamea
  • A Spanish Corpus for Talking to the Elderly. Raquel Justo, Leila Ben Letaifa, Javier Mikel Olaso, Asier López-Zorrilla, Mikel Develasco, Alain Vázquez and M. Inés Torres
  • Towards a natural human-robot interaction in an industrial environment. Ander González-Docasal, Cristina Aceta, Haritz Arzelus, Aitor Álvarez, Izaskun Fernández and Johan Kildal
  • Conversational systems research in Spain: A bibliometric survey. David Griol and Zoraida Callejas

WOCHAT + DBDC5: Workshop on Chatbots and Conversational Agents and Dialogue Breakdown Detection Challenge

  • ToxicBot: A Conversational Agent to Fight Online Hate Speech. Agustín Manuel de Los Riscos Mayorga and Luis Fernando D'Haro
  • Automatic Evaluation of Non-Task Oriented Dialog Systems by using Sentence Embeddings Projections and their Dynamics. Mario Rodríguez-Cantelar, Luis Fernando D’haro and Fernando Matía
  • Masheli: A Choctaw-English bilingual chatbot. Jacqueline Brixey and David Traum